For the latest update on the relocation of the temple, click on Update 1: Delay because of soil remediation work.

De Dharmatoevlucht is going to relocate.

After more than 16 years in a lovely house in De Heze 51 in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, De Dharmatoevlucht will have to move because the owner has informed us that she would like to terminate the rental contract so that she can move into the house herself. In our search for a new location we came across a wonderful opportunity to buy an old fire station building from the local city council, which fortunately is situated very close to our current location. The city council is offering a generous grant to make this move possible. The building will give the temple wonderful possibilities.

If we succeed, we will have a beautiful building and location in which the temple will be secure for years to come. It offers the following advantages:
– it is very near to the current location and therefore again easy to get to by car and public transport,
– it is a large and empty building in which the lay-out can be shaped most beneficial to a Buddhist temple
– the current owner is the city of Apeldoorn which will give us a generous grant, making it for us financially attainable,
– it has a large and quiet garden at the back, with no one overlooking that part of the property.

Date of move?

We have put in an offer and are waiting now for a counterbid from the city council. The definite sale is scheduled for the beginning of March 2017. This gives us time to work out our plans and acquiring the necessary funds. If everythings goes well, we might be able to move in at the end of May 2017.

How will De Dharmatoevlucht look indoors?

The inside of the building is almost 400 square metres in size and we plan the following spaces:
– a large, spacious zendo,
– a private room for the prior,
– a large kitchen with ample of space for meetings,
– a large common room,
– an office,
– a library,
– three generous retreat rooms for guests and monks,
– showers and toilets,
– a garden with seating area.

What has already been done?

– We have had several meetings with the city council who support our wish to buy this property and will help in obtaining the necessary permits,
– An architect is currently working on the technical drawings of the in- and outside of the building, necessary for the builders.

How will we finance this project?

– The local Rabobank has offered a mortgage with which we can buy the property,
– We hope to finance the indoor rebuilding work with donations and loans from Dutch sangha members, the sangha at large and all those to would like to support this project.

How can you help us to realize this ‘new’ Dutch temple?:

1. With a donation:
Any amount is gratefully received on our new Rabobank account with IBAN-number NL50 RABO 0313 1200 05 in name of De Dharmatoevlucht in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, specifying it with ‘building fund’. The SWIFT code (also called BIC code) needed for a transaction to a Dutch bank account is: RABONL2U. The country code is: NL.

If you would like to give by means of a credit card of PayPal, you can make use of the following button:

The minimum amount we need for all the rebuilding work and furnishings will be around 125.000 euro. Up till now we have received or been pledged the following amount:

Olimometer 2.52

2. With a loan:
We would be most grateful for any long term loans, interest-free or interest-bearing. For more information on the repayment period, the level of interest given, etc, see the following page: Help us with a loan

(In case the purchase of the building will not be successful, we will of course contact you to arrange a repayment of your donation/loan)

For the latest update on the relocation of the temple, click on: Update 1: Delay because of soil remediation work.